Sonata Skin Care

Honor: Everyday Balm

A superior textured light whipped balm.

Moisturizes, conditions, replenishes skin.

For use after shower or before bed.

Honor your feminine parts everyday.

Maintaining healthy and supple tissue over time requires loving, reverent attention to our skin’s evolving needs. We created our signature balm with this in mind. Honor was formulated with an ultra emollient texture, and ingredients that regenerate thin tissue. Honor’s medicinal plant ingredients repair, hydrate, and rebuild buoyancy and youthfulness.


Apply daily after bathing and/or before bed, in all external creases and folds.

Great for:

Hydration, suppleness, youthful texture, lubrication, rebuilding and repairing. Excellent for pre and post natal care of the perineum and labia. Excellent for daily self massage. Excellent for menopausal skin.

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